Lord Apex Claims His Moment With Debut Album 'The Good Fight'

Lord Apex Claims His Moment With Debut Album 'The Good Fight'

November 10, 2023

West London's Lord Apex has been flying the flag for the UK's underground for the better part of a decade now and on his debut album The Good Fight, he lifts that flag even higher than before.

The Good Fight features some of the US and UK's most talented underground acts; Freddie Gibbs, GreenTea Peng, Mavi, BONES, and Eyedress all appear on the tracklist, and Apex has even landed a beat from legendary producer Madlib for the titular opener. From that standout cut and all the way through its 13-track run, Apex opens up and delivers bars at the highest level, surpassing even his own standards.

The Good Fight is his studio debut album, which is somewhat surprising considering that he's known for his relentless output. In the last four years, he's made a habit of dropping more than one project, but given that his previous project Joga Bonito came out last October, it's clear Apex chose to take his time to craft his debut album to perfection.

Take it in below.

Words: Dwayne Wilks
Image via Publicist