Lord Apex Returns With Hazy New Collection 'Smoke Sessions 3'

Lord Apex Returns With Hazy New Collection 'Smoke Sessions 3'

April 21, 2021

On cue for 4/20, West London rapper Lord Apex arrives and it's another blazing instalment of his Smoke Sessions series.

With mellow, trippy beats and deep thoughts from the wizard's pen, the new project is a blissful smoke fest, topped off with featured verses from New York rappers Smoke DZA and Wiki, as well as Maverick Sabre, Finn Foxell and Louis Culture.

This session acts as a tranquil, collaborative joint from a number of producers that includes The Purist, Blaize Wareham, The Kount, Mulade, Angus Luke, dropped milk, Slumfu, Xanmato, LoVibe, DJ Reker, Toonorth, with Maverick Sabre also providing the instrumental for his collaboration.

Hazy soundscapes, jazzy themes, gritty cadence, as always it's a flawlessly executed blend of both rap worlds of NYC and LDN from the hip-hop scholar.

Light a flame to Smoke Sessions 3 below.

Words: Melissa Kasule
Photography: Remy Bourdeau