Little Simz's 'Drop 6' Stands Defiantly In The Face Of Crisis

Little Simz's 'Drop 6' Stands Defiantly In The Face Of Crisis

May 06, 2020

Little Simz's new EP Drop 6 is urgent and fast-paced in every possible sense. Having written and recorded entirely by herself through the month of April, she was ready to announce its release by the end of the month — and it's already here.

It wasn't just the rollout that was quick from the heart-racing momentum of opening track "Might Bang, Might Not" to the 12-minute run-time, everything about this new project is imbued with whipcrack speed.

This is for the now, she implores. And later, I got one life and I might just live it. The lockdown period has hit us all differently. Some of us feel anxious, others lonely, defiant, productive or just plain bored. The overwhelming message of Drop 6, however, is to grab life by the horns and live at as best you can.

Self-recorded in quarantine, the snappy five-tracker features a roll-call of some of hip-hop's finest, featuring production from likes of TDE hit-maker Kal Banx, London-based producer OTG, Kadeem 'Kadz' Clarke, Irish-born duo St. Francis Hotel and more.

With the EP, Simbi also included a few paragraphs explaining the creative process, the self-doubt that struck her midway through and the unexpected inspirations that spurred her on. You can read that in full here, but perhaps the most important takeaway was the final line that reads, "This is a turbulent time but we don't fold. We don't come from that. We will always be fine."

There'll also be a live listening event and Q&A tonight at 7pm BST, which you can sign up for here.

Words: James Keith
Photography: TAMIYM