Ling Hussle Is Polished Yet Unfiltered On New Mixtape 'Still Here'

Ling Hussle Is Polished Yet Unfiltered On New Mixtape 'Still Here'

June 09, 2021

Ling Hussle is considered to be a powerful force in UK R&B with a sound and style that isn't easily replicable. With a full length album, a handful of singles and a feature on Krept & Konan's Revenge Is Sweet alongside D-Block Europe on the banger "Tell Me", Hussle continues to deliver top quality music with her new mixtape, Still Here.

The mixtape manoeuvres around a variation of 'trapsoul' — a sound reminiscent of the earlier days of Bryson Tiller — as she spills meaningful lyrics of self-reflection and pursuing what she wants in life. With an opening message from the late Nipsey Hussle, the track "Blessed" sees the singer dip into her fervent rapping style, juxtaposed against her otherwise delicate vocal tone. Although this is the only track where she raps, it's still a bold reminder of her seamless versatility.

Her transparency on tracks like "Soul Searching" and "Out Of Love" exudes a comforting sense of vulnerability where she touches on personal topics in a relatable way — a testament to her seasoned songwriting. Hussle maintains the true essence of R&B with her sweet-sounding harmonies and silky ad libs, but never shies away from showing us the rawness of her pen in every track.

Sharing her thoughts on the new tape, Hussle commented: "My music has always been transparent, so believe every word. From wanting to give up on music, loss, heartbreak, disloyalty, betrayal and everything else, I just had to get it off my chest. I'm sure it's some shit most people can relate to, so I chose to put it in my art."

With production from the likes of Caze Beatz, Yves, Viper, Vianey OJ and more, with no additional features, Still Here is an unfiltered yet polished welcome into the heart and mind of Ling Hussle. Take in the mixtape below.

Words: Blessing Borode
Image via Instagram