Len Questions His Reality In Mind-Bending "Solace" Visuals

Len Questions His Reality In Mind-Bending "Solace" Visuals

August 01, 2022

Stockwell-based rapper and singer Len explores new experimental sonics in his latest release titled "Solace". It arrives after his highly-favoured Dead End EP with features from ayrtn, Sam Wise, and Aonenine.

Produced by Len and Bloco Beatz, together they've created a psychedelic take on drum & bass which Len uses as the chaotic backdrop to his spiralling thoughts. As his problems deepen, he begins to question what's real in his world as he battles with conflicting feelings of leaving a futile relationship.

The South Londoner collaborates with director Ben Westcott who captures his deteriorating state of mind while navigating the tumultuous situation. Through trippy effects and parallel storylines, "Solace" is a peek into the mind of a limitless artist.