Len Succumbs To "Addiction" With Help From Brazy

Len Succumbs To "Addiction" With Help From Brazy

March 15, 2023

After teasing the track for months-on-end, South London rap phenomenon Len has finally dropped "Addiction". Len has built a cult-like following by merging electronica and hyper-rap influences, earning himself a reputation as a leading figure in the underground scene.

The slick new track has Len speaking on his vices in a way that's both crude and funny, but he makes no apologies. Instead, he indulges and dives deeper into his addictions headfirst. Rising star Brazy offers a short and punchy feature, whispering in his ear like a devil on his shoulder.

Frequent collaborator Ben Wescott handles the visuals, following Len and Brazy through video shoots, AA meetings and, ultimately, the walk of shame to the cash point as they succumb to temptation once again.

Having dropped Methmuzik Vol. 2 last year, fans will be hoping that "Addiction" is a sign of more music to come.

Words: Dwayne Wilks
Photography: @things.ifindpretty