LD Puts The Drill Scene On Notice With "First Day Out"

LD Puts The Drill Scene On Notice With "First Day Out"

November 22, 2021

Fresh home after a stint behind bars and LD's got a few things to get off his chest. "First Day Out", produced by Show N Prove and Young Chencs, arrives like a lightning bolt after his release and it offers some harsh words for the drill scene.

There's been something in the water for a while, as many fans call for a return to drill's raw foundations, and it looks like LD's delivered with a fiery rebuke to the imitators he says have infiltrated the scene with fake credentials.

"Listen, the only drill that you do is the genre, actor," he barks, "how you ain't win you an Oscar?"

The track also comes with some box-fresh visuals from director Gugzay who opens with some footage of LD speaking with his mother before we follow team on a victory lap of the block as he sets out his vision for the future of the scene.

Hit play on the new video before and brace yourself for what comes next.

Words: James Keith
Photography: Guy Cross