LayFullStop Lifts Our Spirits With Self-Produced "Act Right"

LayFullStop Lifts Our Spirits With Self-Produced "Act Right"

September 14, 2022

Manchester artist LayFullStop is celebrated for her soulful integration of spirituality and jazztronica sounds spread across two mixtapes and two EPs, particularly last year's STiR and 2018's Colour Reaction. She returns with a stunning Bossa Nova-inspired cut titled "Act Right", a reflection on her constant drive to do the right thing.

It's an impressive self-produced moment, ridden with electric piano layers and enticing grooves. Remaining delicate in her delivery, airy backing vocals arrive just in time to thicken the texture of the beat. Above all, her caramelised tone is the main attraction as she dips in and out of her rap verses and a melodic chorus.

Speaking on the track, she explains that its insightful message has been brewing for some time: "This song is an evolution of a song I made six-plus years ago and wanted to make it relevant to where I am currently in my journey. I also created this song to merge the uplifting and chilled atmosphere that bossa nova brings with the internal battle of constantly wanting to do the right thing."

"Act Right" is another addition to LayFullStop's growing discography of soul-soothing sounds. Tap in below.

Updated on September 23: the official video has now landed.

Words: Blessing Borode
Photography: Sarah Lu