NiNE8 Collective Release "No Smoke" From Upcoming Mixtape

NiNE8 Collective Release "No Smoke" From Upcoming Mixtape

November 26, 2018

She dropped her debut project LETRA earlier this year, but now Lava La Rue is back with the rest of the NiNE8 Collective with latest track "No Smoke" as they prepare to release their upcoming joint mixtape.

Featuring Lava herself, as well as LorenzoRSV, Bone Slim and Nayana Iz, and cameos from the rest of the posse (including Irish R&B singer/rapper Biig Piig and North-West London MC and electronic producer Nige), the video pays homage to the iconic recurring basement scene from American sitcom That 70s Show in which the cast sit in a circle and discuss trivial issues.

Coming with a relaxed vibe over the funk-filled instrumental provided by Libaan, the track displays exactly what the group is all about, and you can check it out below.

Words: Aaron Bishop