Last Night In Paris Return With Charged-Up "Crash"

Last Night In Paris Return With Charged-Up "Crash"

May 27, 2021

Hailing from boroughs scattered across South London, Last Night In Paris are a collective who deviate from the traditional ways of expressing creativity. Through mediums like fashion, film, music and art, they are considered to be a cornerstone of London culture, continuously setting pace with their refine interpretation of the world around them.

Their latest offering, "Crash", features racy trap drums paired with their signature silky melodies, but despite the buoyancy of the track, they reflect on their upbringing with a brutal honesty: "They said we wouldn't live past 25… We still alive."

Their fourth release of the year, it's a reminder of their refusal to put a limit on their vision, constantly keeping their supporters on their toes. There's no telling what could come next from the team of creatives so for now, get lost in their soundscape with "Crash".

Words: Blessing Borode
Image via Emerald East