Labour's Love Affair With The Grime Scene Seems To Be Over

Labour's Love Affair With The Grime Scene Seems To Be Over

November 11, 2019

The grime and UK rap scenes have played a undeniable part in the support of the Labour Party, particularly Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn in the last general election. As emcees — like Stormzy and Jme — became more and more vocal about their support for the Labour Party, an alliance between Corbyn and the grime scene was formed and labelled #Grime4Corbyn.

However, is seems that relations have soured with a recent report from The Guardian revealing that the #Grime4Corbyn website has been abandoned and that no events being planned for this year's election campaign.

Although many artists remain silent on the matter, an inside source and music manager revealed that many of the grime acts felt "used" by the Labour Party after being left in the dark about decisions and conversations being had behind the scenes.

One artist that has been vocal about the current state of #Grime4Corbyn is AJ Tracey, who said: "It actually helped him a lot and I feel like he didn't capitalise on it... He didn't utilise what he had."

Meanwhile, Skepta had been vocal about his distrust from the start, remaining wary of the partnership between Corbyn and grime. He was quoted in a 2017 interview as saying he feels that his fellow peers sold "themselves for fucking bullshit" and that once the election was over, politicians wouldn't "give a fuck about us again."