Kwaku Asante Takes A Long Walk Down Memory Lane On 'Wanderlust' EP

Kwaku Asante Takes A Long Walk Down Memory Lane On 'Wanderlust' EP

November 07, 2022

As we sink deeper into the autumn season, Kwaku Asante gifts us with his collection of heart-warming tracks where he ruminates on relationships of the past.

Full of nostalgia and gentle longing, he looks back at everything that went wrong in this relationship, owning up to how he may have contributed to the pain. Daniel Hylton Nuamah handles the majority of the production until Lester Salmins steps in on the penultimate track "Nothing Left To Say". The heavenly bed of sounds they've created does well to capture the rawness of Kwaku's emotions, all the while pulling our attention toward his lustrous vocal performance.

Speaking on the project's overarching themes, Kwaku shares: "Wanderlust is a collection of stories in which I am wrong for the person or it is wrong for me. Existing in a world where events constantly affect our daily experiences. A person you're with should bring you peace and not anguish."

He previously released the tracks "Thinking Of You", "Rhodes", "No Place to Go" and "Wait For Me (Promise)", but now we get to experience the full extent of Kwaku's artistry on the project as a whole. Take it for a spin below.

Words: Blessing Borode
Photography: Vicky Grout