Kwaku Asante Won't Settle For Anything Less Than "The Real Thing"

Kwaku Asante Won't Settle For Anything Less Than "The Real Thing"

August 30, 2023

Kwaku Asante is on a search for "The Real Thing" on his latest single, and it's another prime example of his stellar R&B chops.

Produced by Fred Cox, the instrumentation is lush without being overbearing, keeping the limelight on Asante's smoky and soulful vocals. With clipped and pitched-up excerpts of Asante's hook stitched up give the track a layered effect, the singer then explores the importance of seeking substance, trust and everything else that makes it "The Real Thing".

Speaking on the single, Kwaku said it's about "the constant quest for something or someone that is right for me, not just in a romantic sense but also in a platonic sense as well. I speak on things regarding paranoia, which I don't believe can co-exist with 'The Real Thing'. I refuse to ignore what I, and many other people deserve: a support system of people who care about you. I still acknowledge the current problem in our age to commit and the fear of opening up to someone."

No longer willing to settle with "pretty women to fill the void", Asante's on a search for something long-lasting.

Words: Dwayne Wilks
Image via Instagram