Kwabs Needs Some Time To "Hurt A Little" On Sombre New Offering

Kwabs Needs Some Time To "Hurt A Little" On Sombre New Offering

September 21, 2022

After taking some essential time away from the spotlight, Kwabs returns with a deeply emotive new single titled "Hurt A Little".

It's a delicate number and it comes with production from Samuel Dixon and Felix Joseph who've compiled a sombre guitar accompaniment with a ghostly echo. Kwabs' vocals are crisp against the sparse backdrop as he details the pressures of the industry that lead to him retreating to a quiet space for some time.

Speaking on the track and his absence, he comments: "The industry is challenging because business and art clash; but it's not trying to make hit records that I found problematic. It was the lack of capacity the industry had to recognise and limit the harm it does to its artists… My decision [to leave] was part of a wider philosophy and part of my life story. It runs deeper than what happened during the time I was an active artist."

This track is a result of the reflection period Kwabs went through, despite feeling disconnected from the art. He describes "Hurt A Little" as "one of the few I recorded for my second album that I felt comfortable to listen to after pretty much completely disconnecting from music (I didn't really listen to much music for years)."

Kwabs' return could be sign of a new dawn for the artist, but in the meantime, settle into his new sounds below.

Words: Blessing Borode
Photography: Jack Alexander