Multifaceted Artist Korby Unveils Debut EP 'I'll Explain Later'

Multifaceted Artist Korby Unveils Debut EP 'I'll Explain Later'

March 18, 2024

Singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Korby has dropped his debut EP, I'll Explain Later.

The North West Londoner has a penchant for vulnerable, stirring lyrics that speak to the heart of whatever topic, and this project casts a light on the strength of his pen. The production on I'll Explain Later is the perfect foundation for Korby's venting and observations, an acoustic-led indie sound that's as tender as his vocals.

From chasing highs to weathering life's turbulent lows, Korby explores the full range of emotions across the seven tracks of I'll Explain Later. We get pictures of unrequited love and stories of addiction, all making for a captivating 17-minute listen.

Speaking on the inspirations behind his debut, Korby says "'I'll Explain Later', was born from chasing the feeling of how good music pulls on your soul. How it forces you to feel something. I didn't exactly set out to write this EP, I was simply processing the labyrinth of life and emotion and ended up telling these stories from the inside out. I guess in the end this is what I needed to say, and it felt really cathartic to do so".

Take a listen to I'll Explain Later below.