Kojey Radical Offers Some Much-Needed Hope With "Good"

Kojey Radical Offers Some Much-Needed Hope With "Good"

December 14, 2020

Last week, Kojey Radical took the stage at the MOBO Awards to give an exclusive performance of his new single "Good", and in true MOBO tradition, it would go down as being one of the most powerful and affecting moments of the evening.

As with everything Kojey does, "Good" champions the voices of the voiceless and shines a light on the overlooked, but it also offers a message of hope and optimism. "Good" also comes with a set of animated visuals borne from the ongoing Unknown Realities project that renders Kojey as a CGI character surrounded by marble statues.

Expanding on the track's message, Kojey explained: "It's been a crazy year of turbulence and self-reflection. I wrote 'Good' as a personal reminder that we are still going strong despite the pressures and anxiety that life offers. It's a personal reminder to be grateful for the little things as well the bigger obstacles. Because there's lessons in everything... and a personal thank you for making it out of 2020 with my sanity in tact. We are gonna be good."

Words: James Keith