KAM-BU Channels His Frustration Into High-Intensity "Eton Mess" Visuals

KAM-BU Channels His Frustration Into High-Intensity "Eton Mess" Visuals

November 14, 2022

South London's KAM-BU unleashes his second single of the year titled "Eton Mess" where he throws a couple of punches at the crumbling political systems.

Armed with the hard-hitting production by Jakwob, KAM-BU uses this opportunity to release some pent-up frustrations with the current state of our society. It's only two minutes long yet he loads every second with his slick, thought-provoking lyrics while surfing over acidic hi-hats and synths.

Speaking on the inspiration for "Eton Mess", he states: "I didn't intend on writing such a rebellious song but the beat demanded some level of angst and energy. I guess there are underlying thoughts that had been kept at bay and enough was enough. I just said how I felt & got shit off my chest. The frustration of being a young person in this country right now is at an all-time high. Being vocal about it makes it easier I guess."

In the music video KAM-BU seems stressed out from working a job he hates, but he soon realises money must be made if he's to survive in the worsening crises. Elsewhere, there are caricature scenes of politicians growing extended beaks as they feed the people lie after lie.

Tune into Jay Green's vision below.

Words: Blessing Borode
Photography: Ash Kingston