Justice4Grenfell Campaigners Urge Government To Commit To Recladding Deadline

Justice4Grenfell Campaigners Urge Government To Commit To Recladding Deadline

June 10, 2020

This year marks the third anniversary of the horrifying fire at Grenfell Tower that left 71 residents dead and many more homeless. In light of that, the Justice4Grenfell organisation are pushing the Government to commit to removing all flammable cladding on buildings.

Moreover, the organisation is also seeking a detailed timeline from the Government to outline exactly how they will achieve it and when. In support of that mission, campaigners are asking the public to reach out to their local MP to demand a "deadline to remove all ACM and non ACM flammable cladding system".

In a statement on the Justice4Grenfell site, spokesperson Yvette Williams, said: "We're aware that the government has recently announced a fund dedicated to removing cladding but it's not good enough. They have missed their own deadline for all flammable cladding to be removed by June 2020.

"It's estimated the fund will only cover ⅓ of households, it's offered on a first come first served basis, there is no commitment from the government to a deadline for completed works, and it does not cover buildings under 18m. Residents in one tower block in Manchester have been told that they are ineligible to apply for funding.

"For the people affected, there is still no clear understanding of the time frame to have these panels removed. We believe the Government needs to act with urgency and set clear timings for completion, and take accountability for an expedient removal.

"At a time where people are urged to stay in their homes more, safety is paramount. Over 23,000 households are still covered in Grenfell style flammable cladding 3 years after the Grenfell disaster. The fight for change and justice must continue as many thousands of people’s lives are at risk."

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Words: James Keith
Photography: Theo McInnes