Joy Crookes Delivers A Provocative Message About Online Activism On "Feet Don't Fail Me Now"

Joy Crookes Delivers A Provocative Message About Online Activism On "Feet Don't Fail Me Now"

June 17, 2021

Bangladeshi-Irish singer songwriter Joy Crookes makes her first musical appearance of the year with the powerful ''Feet Don't Fail Me Now''. In her signature honey-toned vocals she explores the pitfalls of online activism over the bright and breezy production work of Blue May, Barney Lister and Joel Pott. Although gently delivered, it's an important take on performative activism where actions may not always align with what is posted across social media.

Clearly, Crookes isn't afraid to express her social awareness through her music, yet she still manages to create a soothing listening experience. It's that rich and soulful sound that allows her message to penetrate our minds with lyrics like, "I've been posing mirror skies / Retweeting picket signs / Put my name on petitions, but I won't change my mind / I'm keeping up appearances / The dark side of my privilege".

''This song is one of the most complicated songs I've ever written (in a good way)," she says of the track. "[It] carries with it a deep sense of irony, it's written from the perspective of someone who finds it easier to remain complicit out of a fear of being cancelled.''

She adds: ''During the social and political turmoil of the last 12 months, performative behaviour has become prevalent alongside cancel culture. These two reactions I think are often intertwined as cancel culture can be a response to half-hearted performatism.''

The Brit-nominated rising star never seems to disappoint with soft-textured releases like ''You & Me Song'' or ''Anyone But Me''. Her polished delivery across all of her work is what consistently draws us in and we can't wait to see where the young star takes us next.