Jords Drafts In Lil Sykes For Relentless "Drill Vs Grime"

Jords Drafts In Lil Sykes For Relentless "Drill Vs Grime"

March 10, 2023

Jords has returned with upfront thumper "Drill vs Grime". The track features drill rapper and fellow South Londoner Lil Sykes and it's a classic back-to-back bar-off, with both artists skipping over the track in the style of their respective styles. Steel sharpens steel and this track is testament to that; Jords and Sykes push each other to go harder with each turn on the mic.

Drill borrows a lot from grime in terms of its unruly energy, its tempo and electronic sounds, so it's no surprise that both Jords and Sykes are able to flex different flows on the Zdot and Mr Again-produced beat.

The video from director Sau Ali has the two on either side of a wall for their verses, literally back-to-back, until the end when they convene in a jumpy mob of their respective crews all huddled together.

This is Jords' first drop since his Swings And Roundabouts four-track EP he released last July. He's since announced that his next album will be released on Motown records. While we wait on more details, tap in below.

Words: Dwayne Wilks
Photography: RHINO