Jords Releases His Vibrant Yet Intimate Short Film 'Almost An Adult'

Jords Releases His Vibrant Yet Intimate Short Film 'Almost An Adult'

April 30, 2020

A piece of art.

This is the only way to describe Jords' Almost An Adult film. The range of themes, the attention to detail and the vulnerability that lie within make it a masterpiece for the ages.

The short film is set to be accompanied by Jords' self-produced mixtape of the same name on May 15, and these new visuals deftly bring his music to life. The film features the singles "Halos" with Thea Gajic, "Rose Tinted Glasses" with Jaz Karis, "Mrs. Chambers Kitchen Pt. 2" and "Patterned" with Dotty, and together these tracks showcase Jords' impressive versatility as we hear him effortlessly tailor his raps to both soulful and trap productions.

Shot by Curtis Essel and Christina Nwabugo, Almost An Adult doesn't lack in intimacy and touches on various issues such as masculinity, faith, bereavement, love, family, race and unity. The intimate visuals give us an insight into the personal relationships with his family, his friends and his connection with his homeland. Combining music, poetry, introspective messages, vibrant imagery and a variety of eye-catching effects, it would be difficult to not feel something after watching this.

If this film is to serve as an introduction to the mixtape then we'll be listening to this coming-of-age project with keen ears.

Words: Jordan Lolomari
Photography: Christina Nwabugo