JGrrey & Kojey Radical Wrestle With Grief In Devastating "May" Video

JGrrey & Kojey Radical Wrestle With Grief In Devastating "May" Video

March 13, 2023

JGrrey has made a career out of squaring up to difficult subjects, confronting her deepest fears and most painful heartaches in the name of her art, but her new single, "May", might be her most emotionally charged yet.

Produced by STANA/IVTH and with Kojey Radical featuring for support, "May" is the story of JGrrey's punishing battle with her grief for a best friend who is sadly no longer with us.

The video from director duo Pip and Liberty follows suit, illustrating her struggle to deal with her friend's death with scenes of the singer in a support group mixed in with shots of J and Kojey as prize fighters taking the emotional toll like a right hook to the jaw.

Taking to Instagram to share some of her thoughts behind what inspired the video, JGrrey said: "Forgetting the sound of someone's laugh isn't something I thought I'd lose so much sleep over. James died and had his funeral on my birthday (classic James). He left suddenly, dramatically magically... like? I still don't really believe he's gone, like he's giggling somewhere, laughing at us all for missing him so much.

"How do I tell you what's been happening, James? How do I update you about my mum or my music... How do you dragggg me for wearing the wrong heels and laugh at my hairstyle choices? You always were the better singer; fine, I said it... Happy now? You were funnier, cooler, smarter; you were the one with the car; you were the free spirit; you were and ALWAYS WILL BE the bar.

"Whenever I rap Nicki Minaj, I rap it like it's just us in some forest smoking spliffs trying to make sure we can go BAR FOR BAR against one another like, 'Oh! You don't know these NICKI LYRICS????' Every day is an audition. I remember you saying that to me whenever I'd ask 'Is this too much?' Nothing was ever enough, not even earth. You have always been above it.

"It all happened in May, James, and I wish you could have been there."

Words: James Keith
Photography: Billy Kendall