JGrrey Announces New Mixtape With "Drream" f/ Zombie Juice

JGrrey Announces New Mixtape With "Drream" f/ Zombie Juice

August 23, 2023

JGrrey has dropped "Drream", a jazzy and indeed dreamy affair that finds the singer off in the clouds with no intentions of returning to the ground. The track comes alongside the announcement of JGrrey's first full-length mixtape, If Not Now?, and if "Drream" is anything to go by it will be a special project.

The new track includes a couple of beautiful vocal samples, one of which is actually the voice of JGrrey herself. Placing them atop a smoky saxophone sample and a soft piano riff, is producer Owen Cutts, who JGrrey credits as the person who kept her making music through their shared tastes.

Speaking of their working relationship, J shares: "Working with Owen Cutts is maybe the reason I'm still making music, he knows the music I listen to, because he listens to it too. We talk about old records and new tracks and when we make music. We're really just tryna make something we love. I love 'Drream', it feels full circle for me. We sampled my friend Harry's track, then we sampled me, then we sampled some sax, and then I asked Juice of Flatbush Zombies (who I've been listening to since I was 18) to jump on it.

"Seeing Flatbush Zombies live changed my life. I remember being able to hang downstairs at Village Underground before the show with them, Juice had such a charming and sincere energy about him... I remember thinking he might be the coolest person I'd ever met. Being so inspired by NY, and rap music and samples, this one feels special."

Until we can get our hands on If Not Now?, we'll keep "Drream" in rotation.

Words: Dwayne Wilks
Photography: Leanda Heller