Jevon Brings Afro-Brazilian Flavours On "X" With WIZRD

Jevon Brings Afro-Brazilian Flavours On "X" With WIZRD

December 07, 2022

Multi-talented producer and artist Jevon has teamed up with mysterious entity WIZRD on their latest cut titled "X", which follows from their previous two drops together, "Evil Eye" and "Insulted".

Chilling vocal echoes combine with Afro-Brazilian rhythms before eventually being joined by some melodic elements as Jevon warms up on the mic. Over the colliding percussion, Jevon lays down a killer hook returning with themes of shutting out bad vibes.

Director Nana captures Jevon's adventures around the city through a black-and-white filter and an exaggerated fisheye lens. Zooming around with a couple of friends in a car, he stops off at the museum before a teatime break with some sweet treats.

Aside from their collaborative link-ups, WIZRD remains an ambiguous figure with little info online besides an empty Instagram. While we wait to learn more, take "X" for a spin below.

Words: Blessing Borode
Photography: Chris Almeida