Jevon Has Sadly Died

Jevon Has Sadly Died

March 30, 2024

News has broken that rapper/producer Jevon has tragically passed away. Friends and family officially confirmed the news earlier today (March 30). At the time of publishing, no cause of death has been confirmed.

The acclaimed artist leaves a colossal mark on the music industry, both as a solo artist releasing his own music and as a producer working with some of the brightest talents in UK rap.

Early credits as a producer include Nines' One Foot Out and XL's 2017 New Gen compilation. Credits since then include Pa Salieu's "Frontline", several tracks on K-Trap's Street Side Effects, and multiple tracks for M1llionz.

As a solo artist, his legacy is arguably even greater. After breaking out on his own, he eventually found his signature sound after he inherited his grandfather's collection of samba and bossa nova records.

Those records strengthened Jevon's connection to his Brazilian heritage and compelled him to fly out to the country to work on what would become his debut album and masterwork, Fell In Love In Brasil. The infusion of those samples and rhythms defined the record and inspired a wave of other artists to look to South America for influence.

A life cut tragically short, his impact on UK music and the people around him will be felt for years to come.

Rest in peace, Jevon.

Words: James Keith