Jeshi Embraces London's Stench On 'The Great Stink'

Jeshi Embraces London's Stench On 'The Great Stink'

October 23, 2023

Following the success of last year's debut album, Universal Credit, Jeshi has put out his new EP, The Great Stink.

Across six tracks Jeshi uses a near-forgotten event in British history to bring his own world to light. As it turns out, the new EP takes its name from the summer of 1858 in London when hot weather made the smell of human waste in the Thames unbearable.

Free in its form, Jeshi is at his most curious and abstract across the project, swaying from grundy love songs to observations about the world of paid posts, influencers and Instagram.

Speaking on the project, Jeshi shares: "The Great Stink is a metaphor for all this stinky shit going on in my day-to-day life in London, we wanted to make an EP that really feels like that. Entirely produced by longtime collaborators and friends Max Frith and Cajm with help from Fredwave and Jonah, we recorded and worked on this in this haunted feeling Airbnb in the middle of nowhere in Wales."

Take in The Great Stink below.

Words: Dwayne Wilks
Photography: Francis Plummer