Jeshi Hints At New EP With Knuckle-Whitening "Sick" Visuals

Jeshi Hints At New EP With Knuckle-Whitening "Sick" Visuals

August 04, 2021

Currently gearing up for the follow-up to last year's well-received Bad Taste EP, East London alt rapper Jeshi is back with the new collection's lead single, "Sick".

Besides an appearance on Vegyn's "I See You Sometimes", this is Jeshi's first outing since Bad Taste and he sounds more fired up and angry than ever. "Sick", he says, is the sound of him railing against just about everything, from the direction the world's headed in to his own self-destructive behaviour.

The new Kelvin Krash-produced drop also comes with some equally visceral visuals directed by Francis Plummer. Amplifying the chaos of the track, the video starts by simply following Jeshi as he goes about his day, but as his life spins out of control, so too do the visuals, hurtling forward faster and faster until it reaches its gut-punch conclusion.

"'Sick' is really about the repetition of living a pretty self-destructive life and fucking yourself up every weekend but it feels justified because you got nothing better to do and no money in your pocket. Sick of late nights and feeling like everything always goes wrong. Going round and round a lot like the ride in the video there's no getting off."

Details on the rest of the EP are scarce for now so hit play on the "Sick" visuals while we wait.

Words: James Keith
Photography: Francis Plumm