Jeshi Issues A Sobering Warning Thought-Provoking "Generation" Video

Jeshi Issues A Sobering Warning Thought-Provoking "Generation" Video

December 03, 2021

East London rapper Jeshi arrives with a much-needed wake-up call with his new single "Generation", addressing the cycles of addiction, mental health and the sometimes unsteady waters of adult relationships.

The new drop also comes with a new video, directed by Brock Neal Roberts, in which Jeshi appears as the narrator for a series of stories involving children who have fallen into toxic habits. As the scenes progress, he repeatedly drives home the idea that the lives of the youth are being lived perilously close to the edge and will lead to their own demise if they choose to continue this way.

Speaking on his intention for the track—which was produced by Tev'n, Jm E Stack and JONAH—Jeshi comments: "If 'Sick' and 'Hit By A Train' were me looking at the absurdity of my own life, 'Generation' is me looking out the window and thinking about how much of a mental time it must be to be a kid these days. The innocence has been taken away and replaced with depression and anxieties. This world makes us all grow up too quickly and I wish we could slow everything back down sometimes. Inspired by family, friends and my own experiences running around being a little shit."

This is Jeshi's third single in recent months, the latest from an EP he first teased way back in August. Besides the two subsequent singles, there hasn't been much more news on that front. While we remain hopeful for more, tune into "Generation" below.

Words: Blessing Borode
Photography: Francis Plumm