Jeshi Heads To His Local Boozer For A Surreal Knees-Up In "Air Raid" Video

Jeshi Heads To His Local Boozer For A Surreal Knees-Up In "Air Raid" Video

September 22, 2023

London-based artist Jeshi has returned to the scene with his new drop, "Air Raid". The track is his first release since the deluxe version of the critically acclaimed project, Universal Credit. Fortunately, Jeshi hasn't lost any of his magic in the 10 or so months since we last heard from him. In fact, "Air Raid" finds him on top form, reminding us why he's one of the UK's best-kept secrets.

Over a glitchy beat, Jeshi flows in his trademarked skippy bounce and nonchalant delivery. As introspective and thought-provoking as ever, Jeshi manages to be easy on the ear yet engaging through his subject matter. The video is directed by Francis Plummer and follows a knight in armour, having a knees-up at the pub with Jeshi and co.

Jeshi explains the making of "Air Raid": "We went and stayed in this house in the middle of a field in Wales to work on the project and 'Air Raid' was one of the tracks we made in that living room. We were all losing our shit, so hyped on it, jumping around the room, playing it over and over… I'm happy to have it out in the world now.

"As soon as we made the song we wanted to have a knight getting sturdy to it and Francis just built on that for the video idea… we follow his quest through London to link me at the pub."

Hit play on the new video below.

Words: Dwayne Wilks
Photography: Francis Plummer