Jelani Blackman Announces 'Unlimited Mixtape' With Ominous "Secrets"

Jelani Blackman Announces 'Unlimited Mixtape' With Ominous "Secrets"

October 18, 2021

It's safe to say that London rapper Jelani Blackman has been putting in the work recently. From "Don't Matter" released at the top of the year to the amped-up "Bubblin" and "Gorgeous" featuring Jords, he has now returned with another follow up single titled "Secrets" to announce his highly anticipated Unlimited Mixtape, which is set to arrive October 29.

Picking up where "Gorgeous" left off, the new track takes a drill-leaning instrumental and tempers it with some eerie flutes, a salute to Blackman's influences growing up in the UK. In his familiar low rumbling tone he flexes his brag-heavy bars and versatile flows for a tantalising hint of the kind of lyricism we can expect from the upcoming mixtape.

Speaking on the new single, Jelani shares: "Secrets' is one of the tracks I produced on the mixtape. With all the tracks I make myself, I feel like they reveal a lot about what goes on sonically in my head. It also brings out a different kind of lyricism that feels very close to me. It's not a mistake that the first line is 'If I said it I mean it, I ain't keeping no secrets.'"

Hit play on the new visuals below to see Blackman and his team journey into the city's seedy underbelly.

Words: Blessing Borode
Photography: Jess Fine