Jelani Blackman Is "Bubblin" On Amped-Up New Single

Jelani Blackman Is "Bubblin" On Amped-Up New Single

September 15, 2021

After an exhilarating guest appearance on stage with the Gorillaz and a summer spent dominating festival stages, rapper Jelani Blackman shares his new single "Bubblin" alongside a set of visuals directed by Louis Lincoln-Bottcher.

Written and recorded in one session during the first lockdown, "Bubblin" is a release of suppressed energy and emotions, fired out over a lively beat from Cut&Dry. The high energy of the track is reflected in the visuals where Jelani is spotted cruising around the illuminated city of London with close friends.

On the track came together, Jelani shares: "I was actually 'Bubblin' when I recorded this tune. I was in lockdown and had to record in my studio at home. The next day there was a letter through the door with a noise complaint 'cos I was on such a wave. That's the whole mood of the song for me."

Hit play on "Bubblin" below.

Words: Blessing Borode
Photography: Jess Fine