Jaz Karis Pens Letters To Herself On Heartfelt 'Dear Jaz' EP

Jaz Karis Pens Letters To Herself On Heartfelt 'Dear Jaz' EP

November 21, 2022

South London soulstress Jaz Karis unravels with words of wisdom to her younger self in her latest seven-track EP, Dear Jaz.

Fred Cox, Skillkey and emil assemble a flurry of soul-based sounds, from the acoustic guitar grooves of "Complicated" to the backing vocal illustrations on "2Night" and "Come Outside". Kojey Radical offers an encouraging message on the titular opening track, kicking off a journey through all the love lessons she's learnt in life, leading her to the decision to view heartbreak through a new, evolved perspective.

It's not just her soothing vocal prowess that deserves credit; her songwriting chops can't go unnoticed either as she directs these lessons to a past or future version of herself, hoping to save them from experiencing the same tribulations in love.

The experimental "Come Outside" arrives with some visuals to match the listening experience where Jaz is situated on an empty beach and then passes through a busy train station, all captured by director 1SRAEL. Tune in below before taking in Dear Jaz at the bottom.

Words: Blessing Borode
Photography: Martina Martian