DJ And ​Producer Jaz Hayer Of The Kray Twinz Has Passed Away

DJ And ​Producer Jaz Hayer Of The Kray Twinz Has Passed Away

October 22, 2021

It has been announced that Jasbir Singh Hayer, famously known as Jaz Hayer of The Kray Twinz, passed away on October 19 after a four-week battle with COVID.

Hayer contributed massively to the Asian-British music scene. Blending British styles with traditional Indian influences, they created a number of hits including "Some Boy", "Round One", "What We Do" and many more.

Together with his brother Jat, they grew to be award-winning creators throughout their career by redefining what we know to be Asian-British music. BBC Asian Network and Radio 1 DJ Bobby Friction described the brothers as "towering figures in the worlds of British Asian Music, bhangra, desi, hip hop and R&B."

His family shares: "Your talent was just something else, your brain was wired like no other. You broke boundaries with your vision and are leaving a legacy that will be remembered as such. You gave 100% to anything you put your mind to and would never give up. You are and always will be an inspiration to us and many others.

"Anybody that needed hep or advice, you would be there for them. You could never say no to anyone. This is a testament to your values and your honour code to be the best friend anyone could ask for.

"You have inspired millions around the globe and there is so much of you to celebrate. We ask Jaz's friends, colleagues and fans to celebrate his warm heart, generous spirit and humour which will be deeply missed."

Although this is a loss that will be felt deeply within the community, today we celebrate the achievements and contributions of Jaz Hayer to the world of music.

May he rest in peace.