Jaykae Makes A Much-Needed Return With "Chop (Henry VIII)"

Jaykae Makes A Much-Needed Return With "Chop (Henry VIII)"

May 17, 2021

Hard as it is to believe — given his plentiful guest verses and collaborations — it's been a year and change since Jaykae's last solo single, "On Top". Making his return in style, Jaykae's back with "Chop (Henry VIII)", calling on fellow Brummie Swifta Beater for the beat.

Taking us back to the 16th century, the video from Wowa sees Jaykae ascend the throne in full Tudor regalia while dishing out nothing but quotables over Swifta Beater's searing grime production (which also includes a quick snippet of Sifta's famous "Man Don't Care" instrumental).

Whether this is the first of many or just a one off remains to be seen. In the meantime, tune in below to see Jaykae and the team get comfortable in their palace.

Words: James Keith
Photography: Jamie Drew