J Hus Sets The Tone For UK Rap In 2020 With 'Big Conspiracy'

J Hus Sets The Tone For UK Rap In 2020 With 'Big Conspiracy'

January 24, 2020

Despite the best efforts of whichever unscrupulous individual prematurely leaked the album, J Hus' sophomore album Big Conspiracy landed at midnight last night to hugely positive feedback.

All facets of his artistry have matured in big ways. His beat selection, his flow, his songwriting — all of it has come on leaps and bounds from Common Sense, itself a masterpiece of anthemic Afro-rap.

Features-wise, he's kept it minimal again, only calling on Burna Boy, Koffee, and unknown artist iceè tgm (whom many suspect is actually J Hus' sister, though it remains unconfirmed). Production meanwhile comes from the vanguard of rap and Afrobeats producers, including TobiShyBoy, iO, Sunny Kale, Levi Lennox, Scribz Riley, Nana Rogues and, of course, his old friend JAE5.

Reception to the album has been so far overwhelmingly positive. Many are praising the maturation in sound and the adventurous chances he's taken, exploring even more sounds than Common Sense. As UK rap looks ahead to what should be its best year yet, Big Conspiracy has set the bar intimidatingly high.

Words: James Keith