J Hus Returns With Explosive "It's Crazy" Video

J Hus Returns With Explosive "It's Crazy" Video

May 26, 2023

For most artists, three years of inactivity would be career suicide, but for J Hus the hiatus has only created more anticipation for his eventual return. Last night, the Uju Militer made his explosive comeback with the riotous "It's Crazy".

Produced by Fumes and The Elements, "It's Crazy" finds Hus at his most malevolent, channelling his evil intent on the spacey production that builds with each verse. After all that time spent quietly on the sidelines, it would have been easy for his return to be an anti-climatic moment, but the anarchic energy of "It's Crazy" is anything but.

The video captures the track's energy, with J Hus baring his teeth in a grotesque scowl or pained grimace as he spits about his evil intent with a charisma that can't be copied. Taz Tron Delix directs the visual which also features plenty of fire, mobs engaging in a dusty battle with figures of authority and spray painted on a wall, the phrase that Hus has been saying religiously of late: "Don't Say Militancy".

Words: Dwayne Wilks