J Appiah Continues To Defy Genre Boundaries On "Bitter X Sweet"

J Appiah Continues To Defy Genre Boundaries On "Bitter X Sweet"

June 16, 2021

Highly accomplished singer-songwriter J Appiah is back with new single "Bitter X Sweet", and it's a little different from some of his previous releases.

Unlike tracks like "Chain", where the singer plunges us into a kaleidoscope of electronic beats and glitchy synths patterns, that's all stripped away on "Bitter X Sweet", leaving nothing but his raspy vocals and beautifully layered harmonies for us to bask in. Touching on the subject of alienation and longing for safety, Appiah spills his poetic lyrics which reflect his deeply personal experiences.

Having previously worked as a touring vocalist for stars like Jess Glynne, Madonna, Michael Kiwanuka and more, J Appiah has shaped his identity as a solo artist and is creating new spaces for wider creative exploration. One of those avenues is 19FIFTY7, an independent company that works with African artists from the diaspora and the continent to showcase music that's authentic to them. With a short but strong collection of releases to his name, J Appiah has plenty more to show us both as an artist and a creator.

Tune into "Bitter X Sweet" below.