Ikonika Unveils New Single "Your Body" From Upcoming Don't Be Afraid EP 'Bodies'

Ikonika Unveils New Single "Your Body" From Upcoming Don't Be Afraid EP 'Bodies'

March 25, 2020

Hyperdub mainstay, producer and DJ Ikonika has just announced that she will be dropping a new EP on April 17 called Bodies — and we've already got the project's first single: "Your Body". This will be the revered producer's first release of the year and her second for London-based label Don't Be Afraid following her 2017 single "Oral Suspension".

The same off-kilter rhythms and deep grooves can be heard once again, but "Your Body" suggests the new EP will be a little more club-centric than her last DBA outing. However, as this is Ikonika we're talking about, there'll no doubt be plenty of surprises in store.

The new EP will also feature a new mix of "Roller", a remix of a track first heard on Laurel Halo's DJ-Kicks mix from last year.

The artist also released a statement alongside the announcement where she says: "What do you do when the body has been through trauma? What do you do with a new body? How do you drive it? I want to reconnect my mind to the body. I don't know whose body this is anymore. How do I rebuild my physical strength when I'm so tired? How do I accept this body and care for it? I want to love my body. I want to accept it."

The digital release for Bodies will be available on April 17, followed by the vinyl version on July 17.