HERITAGE: Watch Tempa T And Ghetts Debate The History Of Who Birthed "It's Alot" (2009)

HERITAGE: Watch Tempa T And Ghetts Debate The History Of Who Birthed "It's Alot" (2009)

July 03, 2019

Grime's history is filled with debates and contentious issues. Because it was so regularly ignored by the mainstream music press, there are certain things that were never properly recorded and one such debate is what has since become known as "ItsAlot-Gate".

In 2007, Griminal released a groundbreaking free promo mixtape called It's Not Just Bars Vol. 1, which included a track called "It's Alot", a fan favourite which took its name from a phrase made popular at the time. The track became a huge underground hit for Griminal and that was that, at least for a time.

Then, a few months later, Jammer released a tune of the same name a long with t-shirts and all sorts of merch emblazoned with the phrase. Griminal's brother, Marcus Nasty, took issue with that and very soon battle lines were drawn across the scene.

This all culminated in a heated appearance on Westwood from Ghetts, Jammer, Tempa T, Brutal and C Gritz. Tempz, who was close with Jammer, threw out the Griminal-directed line It's a par, it's a par, them man goin round saying it's a lot, but us man know it's a par, it's a par! He later goes on to clarify that neither Jammer nor Griminal birthed the phrase, and that the phrase actually originated from Slew Dem and the Maryland area, adding: It's Alot, It's Alot I swear you man borrowed that from Josh, from Greengate don't think I won't back it, I swear you man borrowed that from Josh.

This later erupted into further exchanges on tracks and on stage, with Jammer, Griminal, Ghetts and Tempa T lyrically clashing for the phrase at Dirty Canvas' launch party for Ghetts' Freedom Of Speech project.

Watch the full set at the bottom and see what you think.