HERITAGE: Hot 'N' Juicy Layer Their Soulful Vocals Over Mousse T's Production (1998)

HERITAGE: Hot 'N' Juicy Layer Their Soulful Vocals Over Mousse T's Production (1998)

December 08, 2022

Top Of The Pops on Christmas Day isn't quite the institution it once was, but in the late '90s it was still a pretty massive deal in a lot of households. It wasn't just to see the Christmas No. 1, it was also a chance to catch up on the year's big hits, some of which weren't the least bit Christmassy—like Mousse T's very summery, "Horny" anthem.

Originally released in 1997 as an instrumental with another track called "Bad Boy", it was a bit of a sleeper hit at first. Mousse T then returned to the track the following year with singer-songwriter and regular collaborator Inaya Davis who wrote the hook as a tongue-in-cheek play on those immediately recognisable trumpets (sampled from Earth Wind & Fire's 1983 single "Something Special"). That formed the basis of this new version before Birmingham singer Emma Lanford was brought in for the verses. Davis also originally sang the hook, but Nadine Richardson, a friend of Lanford's, was brought in for the artwork and subsequent performances.

The track first found success in Italy before gradually creeping up the charts in Germany and later the UK and the rest of the Europe. By the end of the year, and well in time for this Christmas Day Top Of The Pops performance, the track was a huge hit around the world and was even included on the South Park soundtrack album Chef Aid: The South Park Album.

Mousse T had another massive hit a couple of years later when he produced Tom Jones' "Sex Bomb" and remains a household name in Germany. Lanford and Richardson continued to perform as Hot 'N' Juicy for a little while, briefly drafting in a third member, Nikki Belle, but have since parted ways. Lanford now lives in Germany and still works with Mousse T from time to time, while Richardson seems to have stepped away from music entirely.