HERITAGE: SN1's Gunna Dee Delivers This Early Anthem "Get It In" (2009)

HERITAGE: SN1's Gunna Dee Delivers This Early Anthem "Get It In" (2009)

October 21, 2022

The late 2000s era of road rap was such a golden time. By this point, the scene had found its voice and people like Giggs and his SN1 collective were knocking it out of the park with underground hit after underground hit.

Back in 2009, a year after Walk In Da Park and "Talkin The Hardest" cemented Giggs' status, his SN1 teammate Gunna Dee was waiting in the wings with an anthem of his own. "Get It In" was massive and a favourite of rap fans at the time, but it also ended up being a huge moment for Jamal Edwards who filmed the official video.

Jamal has spoken in the past about filming this video. A huge fan of the whole collective, filming this video was a big opportunity for him and the fledgling SBTV channel. It turned to be a huge success, of course, and gave the scene more than a few legendary moments—not least the massive snowball melee they all had with the police in the behind-the-scenes footage (spoiler alert: the police got absolutely creamed, even with shields, and had to hide out in their van).

Frustratingly, like a lot of music from this era, it's not on streaming services. The track was ultimately featured on SN1's Another Quick One tape, which is still out there and available to download if you know where to look.