HERITAGE: Giggs Brings Out Drake During His Performance Of "KMT" At Reading Festival (2017)

HERITAGE: Giggs Brings Out Drake During His Performance Of "KMT" At Reading Festival (2017)

March 08, 2023

Bringing a big name guest out for your live show is nothing new, but if done right it can be a massive flex. Back in 2017, when Landlord was still a very recent memory and Wamp 2 Dem was just around the corner, Giggs was booked for a massive slot at Reading Festival. Between those two projects, he already had plenty to fill his set time, but he also had an ace up his sleeve.

The story goes that after hearing Landlord, Drake was such a fan of the project that he approached Giggs via Instagram DM about working on some music and from that came "KMT" and "No Long Talk", both of which made it to the More Life playlist.

By this point, Drake had been championing UK music for a few years now, whether it be grime, drill or UK funky, but he was always dogged by accusations of being a culture vulture, including by Wiley.

In a recent interview with HipHopDX, Giggs spoke on his friendship with Drake and slapped down the culture vulture talk. "I'm not saying he's the only reason there's attention but he played a part in it," Giggs explained. "Everyone looking in this direction because of who he is. Drake doing that has been one of the biggest looks for England. Let's be honest, bruv, that's one of the biggest rappers in the world. Let's cut the crap," he said.

Drake himself told Tiffany Calver: "I hate that people think that me being into music from these kids that are trying to make it and trying to build a name for themselves is like, 'Oh, that's some culture vulture. What does that even mean? I don't understand what that means. Would you rather me not acknowledge anything or support?"

It's also worth noting that although Giggs has kept us well-fed with singles, it's been nearly three years since his last full-length project. Could 2023 be the year Drake returns the favour with a feature on a Hollowman mixtape or album?