Here's How To Safely Join Today's Black Lives Matter Protests

Here's How To Safely Join Today's Black Lives Matter Protests

June 03, 2020

In response to the murder of George Floyd and the many instances of police brutality in the UK — as well as the police's refusal to take seriously the death of Belly Mujinga (who died of Coronavirus after someone spat in her face) — protestors are gathering in London today to make their voices heard.

We've gathered together some resources for protestors so that everyone knows their rights and can make stand up for what's right without their safety or their lives being put in danger.

Internet service is likely to be patchy at best at the protest and many groups are advising protesters switch their phones to airplane mode to avoid being tracked, so please save these to your phone so you can view them offline.

Although UK Black Lives Matter Twitter tweeted that they are not affiliated with the organisers of today's protests, their account has been doing excellent work and they've been tweeting advice and resources for protesters below. You can find some of those tweets below and even more resources on the @ukblm Twitter feed.

One such resource is Green & Black Cross, a grassroots organisation offering help and advice, as well as educating protesters on their rights and how to interact with the police without your rights or your safety being threatened. We've embedded the first Tweet of that thread below, which leads to a full thread so make sure you click through and read all of it.

Please also note, that one of the law firms mentioned below, Hodge Jones Allen, has updated their phone number. Their new number is 0844 848 0222.

There's plenty more besides that and we'll updating this post throughout the day with even more resources as we find them.

Stay safe.

Words: James Keith