Hamzaa Has A 'Full Circle' Moment On Vibrant New EP

Hamzaa Has A 'Full Circle' Moment On Vibrant New EP

September 03, 2021

London singer-songwriter Hamzaa graces us with a brand new EP, Full Circle, an inward exploration of mental health, self-acceptance and the reclamation of identity. Spread across seven tracks, there's an air of newness that in this EP as flecks of pop elements are weaved into her usual R&B-leaning sound.

The previously released "In Between", which features Miraa May, makes a reappearance in the early moments of the EP. Although this is a light offering from the London singer, Hamzaa utilises every given moment to showcase her genre-defying and self-assured abilities as a musician. Elsewhere, on tracks like "Aggressive", she glides over the production sustaining drawn out notes with ease, while "Heaven" sees her adopt a delicate approach with her vocals.

Sharing her thoughts on Full Circle, Hamzaa says: "This EP sheds light on emotions that are still very raw, and that I am currently experiencing. Being able to free yourself, by yourself is the greatest thing. I've come to the realisation that introspection and self belief are two very important things that I had to teach myself. It's taken a long time, but I'm here! It's a full circle moment for me because I was once the person trying to find reasons to blame my problems on everyone and everything but myself, and once I started looking inwards.

"I found peace. To be able to hold someone accountable, and tell someone when they've wronged me, but to also be firm in knowing that it no longer controls my emotions, or sends me into downward spirals, but gives me the power to move on and create my own narrative."

Swelling with supple, layered harmonies and air-tight production, this is just a hint of Hamzaa's abilities as a songwriter, vocalist and genre manipulator. Check out Full Circle below.

Words: Blessing Borode
Photography: Olivia Richardson