Hak Baker Shares "Skint", The First Track From His New EP

Hak Baker Shares "Skint", The First Track From His New EP

January 31, 2018

Ever since he emerged from Skepta and Levi's Music Project last summer, Hak Baker has been winning over new fans in their legions. 

His last outing, Misfits, was a sort of story-so-far release that collected together the preceding string of singles. Now, however, he's preparing to drop his as-yet-untitled second EP and he's just unveiled the first track, "Skint".

In a quote Baker gave to Noisey, he explained the new song is about the realities of living from paycheque-to-paycheque. In a world where appearance is more important than reality, the temptation to stunt with your last £10 can be overwhelming.

"People are too preoccupied with going around," he explained, "as though they're jubilant all the time, like everything's so f*****g great, and they have to write that in every song. 'I feel so good, I've got so many girls'—but you don't. You don't feel good all the time, and you don't know who to trust, and you don't really love that girl, she's just pretty, and really and truthfully you're looking at that thing you just bought thinking, 'Why did I spend so much?'"

Hear it for yourself below.

Updated on February 20: The video has now been released.

Words: James Keith
Photography: David Stuart