Hak Baker Confronts His Demons In "Irrelevant Elephant" Video

Hak Baker Confronts His Demons In "Irrelevant Elephant" Video

October 11, 2021

East London native Hak Baker hits home once again with his unflinching yet delicate songwriting abilities on new track "Irrelevant Elephant".

Over a minimal backdrop of acoustic guitar licks wrapped in delicate harmonies, Hak confronts the emotional toll of addiction. Tackling the subject head-on, the track also pushes the value of leaving room vulnerability in spite of it all.

The supporting music video sees Baker quite literally address the elephant in the room, using a vivid animation of an elephant (by illustrator Bryson Williams & animator Prathik Poojary); although it appears harmless at first, as the visual unfolds it's true nature is revealed.

Speaking on the video, director Jon E Price comments: "Hak's music is so lyrical, laced with personal stories and anecdotes so I wanted the use of an elephant to have a visual and emotional meaning rather than just something fun to look at. I liked the idea of the elephant in the room becoming more of a nuisance, physically sharing and occupying the same frame, always looming. What at first seems harmless, once you scratch away at the surface, darkness lay beneath, and in our case, the parties over and addiction will rear its ugly head."

Words: Blessing Borode
Photography: Jon E Price