Hagan Journeys Through The Motherland On Exquisite Debut Album 'Textures'

Hagan Journeys Through The Motherland On Exquisite Debut Album 'Textures'

October 07, 2022

South London producer and DJ Hagan takes us on a vibrant expedition through the global sounds that centres his work, inviting a number of gifted musicians to enrich his instrumentals.

Across 11 tracks, he weaves elements of broken beat, UK funky, gqom, highlife and Afro-house with his percussion-based beats to tell stories of self-discovery and travel as he interprets sounds from Ghana, Nigeria, Brazil, and the UK.

Prior to its release, we heard he called on Ayeisha Raquel to lay her heavenly vocals on "Pray For Me" as well as South African singer Aymos on "Sise Ntweni" to help him channel the addictive rhythms of Aamapiano. Elsewhere, he brings together Seattle-based producer Sango with Brazilian artist Luedji Luna on one of the more fast-paced joints, "Telha". As expected, there are no gaps in the production and every second is an explosion of rhythms and textures.

Hagan has delivered a number of exceptional projects in the past like Forward Focus and Waves, but Textures represents a whole new chapter as he casts his gaze even further across the globe on his hunt for inspiration.

Words: Blessing Borode
Photography: Julius Tornyi