Guvna B And D Double E Show Us Round The Estate In "Very Original" Video

Guvna B And D Double E Show Us Round The Estate In "Very Original" Video

June 10, 2021

Double MOBO award-winning artist Guvna B shows no signs of slowing down. Fresh off an album and book release, centred around Black excellence, masculinity and faith, he's delivered the visuals for the D Double E-assisted "Very Original", pulled from his Black Edition Deluxe version of Everywhere + Nowhere.

Captured through a grainy 45mm film camera, courtesy of director Femi Ladi, the one-take visuals follow both rappers as they retrace their footsteps around the estate. Over a bed of ominous piano riffs and jumpy hi hats, Guv and D Double E spar back and forth, touching on the gruelling reality of stereotypes imposed on grime and drill music. In the closing scenes of the video, both rappers burst into a flutter of butterflies as facts about youth violence fill the screen.

Speaking on the track, Guv shares: "We filmed this video on an estate in London because that's where we've seen it all. The love, the hate, the aspiration, the humiliation, the dreams, the nightmares. I've got hope that the young people of today will learn from the positive role models that came before them, just like I learnt from D Double E."

Using his music as a vehicle to start important conversations around race and violence in our society, Guv's rising to become one of the most powerful voices of our generation.

Take in the visuals for "Very Original" below.