Ghetts And Giggs Combine For Razor Sharp "Crud Daily" Visuals

Ghetts And Giggs Combine For Razor Sharp "Crud Daily" Visuals

February 22, 2021

Following the release of Friday's Conflict Of Interest, Ghetts continues his artistic crusade, calling on Peckham rapper Giggs to give visuals to one of the album's many highlights, "Crud Daily". The visuals perfectly capture both titans in their element, with ever-shifting camera angles and effects used to underline the lyrical agility of them both.

First enters Ghetts who glides smoothly over TenBillion Dreams' choppy, bass-heavy instrumental, packing in so many layers of metaphors and references into his rhythmic flow it'll take a few viewings to catch them all. Repeatedly switching up his flow and his accent as if he were assuming different aliases, Ghetts' half is a resounding display of his inherent talent.

From one great to another, the door is then opened for The Landlord to come charging in without breaking a sweat. Cool, calm and collected as ever, you can't help but hope this isn't the only tune they cooked up together.

Conflict Of Interest is out now. Catch the music video for "Crud" below.

Words: Ian Opolot