Flohio Surges Forward With New Mixtape Excerpt "Flawless"

Flohio Surges Forward With New Mixtape Excerpt "Flawless"

November 23, 2020

With her upcoming mixtape, No Panic No Pain (previously announced under the title Unveiled), just around the corner, Flohio is back with new extract "Flawless".

Driven by the low end rumble of Cadenza's booming instrumental, "Flawless" is a more introspective offering from the South Londoner, but still delivered with a belly full of fire. Unrestrained by the whims of fickle trends, Flohio's offerings stand apart from any clique or scene and it's paying dividends — a testament to her artistic resolve.

Alongside the new track, Flohio also confirmed the tape's tracklist and the roll call of producers she worked with on the project. Unsurprisingly, she hasn't just mined the world of rap for her collaborators, calling on names like JETS (Jimmy Edgar and Machinedrum) and FRED (aka Fred Again...) in addition to long-time creative partner HLMNSRA.


1. FLOFLO! (Prod. by HLMNSRA)
2. Unveiled (Prod. by Take A Daytrip)
3. Active (Prod. by Genio)
4. Flash (Prod by. HLMNSRA)
5. With Ease ft. Kasien (Prod. by Cadenza)
6. Roundtown (Prod. by FRED)
7. Booby Traps (Prod. by HLMNSRA)
8. Sweet Flaws (Prod. by Cadenza)
9. Medicine (Prod. by J-E-T-S aka Jimmy Edgar & Machinedrum)
10. Stuck In A Dance (Prod. by KMIO)

No Panic No Pain drops Friday, November 27.

Words: James Keith
Photography: Ewen Spencer